Qianhe environmental protection technology ma hongmei: to lead the construction of global ecological civilization with technological innovation


In 1962, Rachel Carson, an American Marine biologist, drew global attention to environmental protection in her book silent spring, asking why spring, when everything originally grows, is silent. Industrial civilization advances by leaps and bounds, science and technology level changes with each passing day, if ignore environmental protection, our next spring, perhaps will be silent.

With strong research and development ability of environmental protection materials, advanced innovative thinking and strong sense of social responsibility, guangdong qianhe environmental protection technology belongs to zhejiang green he (tianhe) ecological technology co., LTD., is taking practical actions to improve the earth environment, in order to create a better future. A few days ago, chairman ma hongmei accepted the interview of rongmedia reporters, in the hope of returning the earth vibrant spring, qianhe environmental protection technology has been working hard.

White pollution is serious

Turtles wrapped in discarded plastic bags, hermit crabs snagged in plastic caps, seahorses that should be grabbing seaweed or coral but are grabbing a cotton swab... This kind of video has received tens of millions of broadcasts on foreign video platforms, revealing that the harm of plastic pollution to living things is global. According to incomplete statistics, plastic pollution in the ocean alone kills millions of Marine life every year, covering more than 700 species.

Ma hongmei introduced the current plastic pollution, the world made the corresponding measures. Our country refuse to accept foreign garbage; A pile of garbage nearly triggered the Philippines to declare war on Canada. 186 countries around the world have signed supplementary provisions to the Basel convention on the import and export of waste plastics.

It is an inevitable trend for countries to attach great importance to waste plastic pollution, but where should tens of thousands of foreign garbage go?

Most plastic waste cannot be recycled and ends up in landfills or incinerators. According to the UN environment programme (unep) "disposable plastic roadmap for sustainable development", according to the world each year about will produce 300 million tons of plastic waste, a large number of into the soil or ocean, the final formation of "white pollution", this need several centuries to decompose the garbage has entered into the deepest ocean, enter the food chain, is harm to life on earth, including the human health.

In this context, ma hongmei said: research and development of low-carbon, ecological, environmentally friendly, degradable new materials is extremely urgent. At present, qianhe environmental protection in this goal has been a big breakthrough, the enterprise r & d center gathered a number of senior polymer chemistry, bioengineering, starch professional, mechanical manufacturing professional and other fields of experts and scientific and technological personnel. The latest achievements have been awarded the intellectual property rights certification in many countries.

Industrial civilization and ecological civilization coexist in harmony

In recent years, many countries around the world have passed plastic restriction orders to fundamentally solve white pollution. President espinosa of the 73rd session of the UN general assembly has declared war on single-use plastics, banning them from tourist attractions in Mexico, Italy and other countries.

Ma hongmei imagines that, in the development of industrial civilization, human beings' pursuit of convenient life is irresistible, and the action of plastic restriction falls into a conflict between reality and ideal. What is not optimistic is that more and more disposable plastic products are used.

The rapid rise of takeaway delivery services is a major consumer of disposable plastics, according to data. China's three major delivery platforms consume at least 7.3 billion plastic bags a year, and some large supermarket chains may have annual sales of over 100 million plastic bags. How to better solve the contradiction between reality and ideal?

Ma hongmei said the survey agency commissioned by qianhe environmental protection agency carried out street questionnaires in many places around the world and found that more than 10% of the respondents threw away 5 or more pieces of disposable plastic products distributed by restaurants every week. The survey showed that 80% of the respondents agreed that the problem of excessive distribution of plastic products was serious. Qianhe r&d center has established a close cooperative relationship with tsinghua university, zhejiang university, xiangtan university, ningbo institute of composite materials, ningbo institute of physics and chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and national plastic product quality supervision and inspection center.

It is understood that biodegradable sheet materials are mainly used in the fields of high-grade disposable food packaging containers, disposable medical appliances, shoes and shoes boxes, electronic products, cosmetics, health products, gifts, toys and other fields. Biologically-based fully decomposed masterbatch is mainly applied to blow molding various high-grade plastic tapes, food packaging film and industrial products packaging film, injection molding and all kinds of disposable knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks and other tableware and hotel disposable appliances, etc. It has a solid technological guarantee to replace disposable plastic products.

At the recent Los Angeles international footwear summit, qianhe fully biodegradable materials were unveiled, attracting the attention of many multinational giants. Environmental protection authorities in many countries around the world are looking for biodegradable materials to replace disposable plastic products. Many well-known brands such as Colgate, nestle and other multinational FMCG giants have purchased corporate products. Ma hongmei revealed that the enterprise has reached cooperation intention with adidas, Nike and other shoe giants.

Chinese President xi jinping said at the opening ceremony of the 2019 China world horticultural expo in Beijing that ecological progress has been incorporated into the overall layout of China's national development, and building a beautiful China has become a goal that the Chinese people aspire to.

In order to facilitate the construction of ecological civilization in China, the r&d center of the group has won numerous certificates of strength, the enterprise of national torch design key projects, the unit of vice chairman of the professional committee of plastic degradation of China plastics association, and the drafting unit of the national standard of biodegradable materials. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14000 environmental management system certification, the product has been listed as a national key new products. CSPI series biodegradable products have passed the test of ASTMD6400 standard, and obtained the certification of FDA, European SGS, BPI, EN13432 and so on. The company has 48 proprietary intellectual property rights of patent technology has been authorized by the state intellectual property office.

Ma hongmei believes that China is one of the world's top ten producers and consumers of plastic products. Only through innovation and research and development can environmental protection materials of disposable plastic products be replaced. Only in this way can the problem be fundamentally solved and industrial civilization and ecological civilization be integrated and symbiotic.

Dialogue 2 ma hongmei

Reporter: at present, people pay close attention to the ecological environment and environmental protection issues, because our every breath and every meal a day are closely related to the natural environment, if the nature is sick, human beings will be in trouble. So, when did you start to pay attention to environmental protection?

Ma hongmei: back in 2008, we realized the importance of environmental protection to the earth's environment. It is also the future trend, only the development of environmentally friendly products can be sustainable development. In response to the call of the country to develop circular economy and promote sustainable social development, our goal is clear, return a healthy ecological environment to the earth, and lead the construction of global ecological civilization with the innovation of environmental protection technology.

Reporter: since the invention of biodegradable plastics in the 18th century, white pollution has become increasingly harmful to the environment. Based on the above mission, what are the highlights of the company's product development? What are the more innovative breakthroughs?

Ma hongmei: the reason why white garbage is rejected is that it is not degradable and has a serious impact on the ecological environment. Our enterprise to "reduce white pollution, create a green earth" as their responsibility. Currently, corn starch is the main raw material, and PLA (PLA), PHBV (polyhydroxybutyric acid valerate), PBS (polybutylene glycol), PCL (polyhexanol) and other internationally recognized biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials are used as auxiliary raw materials. The products are decomposed from the source of raw materials to the final decomposition, and the decomposition products are then involved in the biosphere cycle under natural photosynthesis, ultimately achieving the purpose of reducing carbon emissions.

Reporter: in the future, the global demand for low-carbon, ecological, environmentally friendly and biodegradable new materials will increase day by day. What is the plan for the future?

Ma hongmei: as an environmental protection enterprise, we bear the social responsibility of environmental protection. At the same time, we should also actively serve the society, create culture, provide employment opportunities, provide high-quality products and services, and be a responsible and caring enterprise.

Return to our products, in line with the current domestic and foreign green environmental protection requirements of high-tech products, is one of the national 2025 China green manufacturing products. Our development plan is to become a famous manufacturer in the same industry at home and abroad, to form the first production scale of domestic peer high-end products, and strive to pass 3-5 years of efforts, annual sales breakthrough 500 million, to build a leading product research and development system in Asia.

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